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Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Ribeye $31.00 each
Twelve ounce hand-cut from Certified Angus Beef Ribeye grilled to your liking.

Breaded Shrimp $18.00 each
Jumbo shrimp breaded with a light panko breading served with cocktail sauce.

Grilled Shrimp $17.00 each
Jumbo shrimp seasoned, skewered and grilled.

Chicken Fried Steak $16.00 each
Our normal chicken fried steak. Available on Saturday night with mashed potatoes and white gravy

Fettuccine Alfredo $15.00 each
A generous helping of fettuccine and our own homemade cheesy alfredo sauce. Sprinkled with freshly grated parmesan reggiano. With Chicken $17.00 With Shrimp $20.00

Pork Tenderloin $17.00 each
Butterflied pork tenderloin, wrapped in smoked bacon and grilled to perfection.

Chicken Breast Meal $14.00 each
A juicy charbroiled tender chicken breast.

Horseradish Crusted Salmon $21.00 each
Salmon filet coated with horseradish and panko breading with a cream, dill, caper sauce.

Bull Fries
Breaded bull fries. Basket with Fries $15.00 Meal $17.00

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